Random teen party in Pleasantview… and it isn’t even all of them!  

From Right to Left Top Pic: Fiona Darling, Skip Broke, Jared Frio Jr., Nina Caliente, Faline Darling, Kennedy Cox (sixamsims), Brandi Broke, Beatrice Wolff (adopted icecreamforbreakfast sim), Julien Cooke, Don Lothario (sixamsims), Chadrick Wolff, Mary Sue Pleasant

I decided to do my own version of the Tricou family.  No picture of the girls yet, but Jennicor is a fairy which gave Nylissit the wings and Jennail has the ears.  Instead of the gothic look of TS2, I made them both artists: Jennicor is the sculptor while Jon sticks with paint.






"A new community garden opens in Strangetown. Lazlo, a scientist, does science and discovers some interesting things. Time things. Plus, a helpful guide to surveillance helicopter-spotting."

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This this this this this.

This is frickin’ delightful. I’m officially to the point where if anyone makes me love Strangetown (or this ridiculous, lovely Simblr community) even a little bit more, my head is going to explode.

And it will be all your fault.

I want to go on about all the things I like about this but you guys should probably listen to it for yourselves first.

It is… magnificent. I feel proud to have been a part of this.

This is awesome! I lunged across the room to get my headphones so I could listen tbh.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed with all your sexism.

I worked really hard making those star plates accurate, guys.

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The cuteness!  It hurts!

The cuteness!  It hurts!

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The Caliente Sisters

The Newbie Household


why aren’t we talking about this

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Crumplebottom - Darling children

Faline (twin): Neurotic/Night Owl/Genius/Eccentric

Fiona (twin): Virtuosa/Eco-Friendly/Charismatic/Light Sleeper

Theodore: Excitable/Clumsy/Artistic

Very suprised that Theodore had such dark hair and eyes.  Takes after his Aunty Cornelia me thinks.







omg, This video by the Maxis team is so awesome! Well worth a watch ;)

It is totally awesome. Awesome, I say!

loved it

LOL <:

OMG this needs to be on my blog. xD

That was so cute!